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Why we say "Student-Athlete"

Bakersfield College is one of the oldest continuously operating community colleges in the United States, and the Renegade heritage was built on strong academics first, followed by hard work and fair play on the sporting fields second.

That's why we call our competitors Student-Athletes; they are students first and athletes second, and Student-Athletes transfer to four year schools so they can leverage their athletic skills and hard work into a Bachelor's Degree that will pay them back in dollars for many years to come.. (please see the "Valuing Education" in Dr. Van Horne's paper in the preceding link).

Staying Here For a Bachelor's Degree

Bakersfield College is one of just a few community colleges in the United States to offer a four-year Baccalaureate Degree. Our program is in Applied Technology. To learn more, click here. 


Getting Started

 Bakersfield College has some of the finest collegiate sporting facilties in the nation, and you'll also find the same level of excellence in our academic programs; but first you need to apply! 


One thing is for sure; you won't have to navigate the matriculation process on your own. 

Perspective Student Athletes who are curious about their eligibility status can check with Admission & Records Technician I Linda Cordoba in the Administration Building at Window 6, or by calling (661) 395- 4414, or by clicking here.